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In this section I will post personal experiences, thought and tips on motivating yourself, managing your tiem and the like. boy do I need to fill this section.

A Blog Post every Friday! (Hopefully)

Heyo guys!
Just wanted to tell you that I feel ready to make this blogging a regular activity of mine. So for now I set my goal to one post per week, currently friday.
Don’t expect the next Harry Potter Volume every time, sometimes I may just give a small update about my life or anything vaguely interesting.
Enjoy reading folks!


Procrastination and Stuff

I’ve been stressed lately. Not because I’m doing a shitload of work, but rather because I don’t. I’m spending a lot of time looking at youtube videos, browsing the web for random stuff but I’m barely studying. And the exams are coming closer. I know i have to catch up on the contents and it stresses me out that I can’t get myself to really do anything. I’m always tired, even if I do get some sleep. One of the first things I think I should do is reduce my Youtube time. I may not always be actively watching (I have 3 screens, one pretty much for background Youtube), but I feel it keeps me from being productive.

Oh and I’m thinking of creating webcomic-like content for this blog. What do you think about that?

Stress and Planning

So after another all-nighter to finish a damn uni paper I really think I should start planning stuff. You know, calendars, to-do lists and the like?

I’m thinking of using some sort of GTD and Chain Calendars. More on that later.

Oh and also I’ll post stuff more often now! Also planning to make a blogging schedule.