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Lack of Activity and why

Heya folks!

It’s been a long time yet again since my last blog post and I am sorry for that.
Currently real life is taking quite a toll on me so I don’t have a lot of time for any projects.
I did however start another instrument project: a combination of lute, ukulele and mandolin. I posted the project on but kind of forgot to post anything about it here 😦
The thread can be found here:
Later on I will also post the project here, but for now if you’re curious you’ll have to read the forum thread.

Back to real life. Up until now, since I started living alone I’ve embraced the chaos. Not having a shared flat lets you go past socially acceptable standards and I’ve done that. Due to some circumstances however I absolutely had to clean up the whole flat, and what do you know, being able to actually walk through your rooms and not just hop from spot to spot feels actually great! I did have to skip some university for this though, so catching up on that will take most of my project time in the coming days or weeks. After that though I should be able to be more productive in my tidy flat (actually by no means all cleaned up, but much much better than before)!

So stay tuned folks and have a great day!


I’ve moved out (what I’ve been up to)

Heya fellow reader! It’s been a long time since I posted anything on this blog… but worry not, it’s not dead! I’m just pretty occupied with real life.
Recently (around christmas) I moved out and now I’m living all on my own for the first time in my life! I wanted to do that for quite a while already, but I had to sync it with my mother’s moving out. We lived together and one of us couldn’t pay the rent for our previous flat alone. Now we both have more space and our rents combined do not even add up to the previous one!
Of course I’m a lazy person, so the most of my flat still lies in chaos, but I’m gradually tidying everything up.
A big hurdle to climb yet are this semester’s math finals. I don’t really care that much about the other courses (it would be good ofc to pass them as well) because I’m already repeating the math courses and (afaik) only have two more chances to pass maths.
Enough of that for now. I have a lot of stuff in store to post here, so stay tuned!

Online shopping can be dangerous for your wallet

A while ago I finally got a chiptan device, which enables me to pay for stuff online when I can’t use PayPal. Before I always had to ask my friend to order stuff on aliexpress for me, then I would pay him back via bank transfer. A little tedious.
But now that I can do that myself I really need to watch out for myself. I’m not the richest person, but in the past two weeks I’ve spent about 100€ already 😐
So I’ll give myself a monthly limit to what I can spend on online shopping.
It’s just so cool when you see something really nice online, boom: bought. And then you can happily await it’s arrival.

So guys, when you get a new option to spend your money, keep track of how much you spend.

No weekly posts… sorry

In case you didn’t notice, for a while there haven’t been any regular friday posts.
I don’t think I can keep up to that pace at the moment… sorry. I thought I could use this to motivate myself to do more stuff, but it’s become more of a burden. I’ll try to stay active, but I’ll rather post when I want to post and not when I feel obligued to by my rules.
So see you soon… whenever ^^’

What am I doing lately?

Hum. I’m currently trying to sort out a lot of the mess in my room because I really want to move out asap. Don’t get me wrong, living with my mother is nothing bad per se, but I want to stand on my own two legs, have time for myself and spend money on my own household.

Most likely I’ll get a small 1 or 2 room flat, just because it’s cheap and I don’t necessarily need a lot of space.

Studying…. huh. Lately I’ve been mostly neglecting that… I’ll probably have to opt out of a few exams. I mean it’s great that I even have that option, but that also means I’ll have to fully pay my later extra semesters. So I better save up for that.

Also, as I always order chinaware, I’ll start a review section the time the next thing arrives.

Procrastination and Stuff

I’ve been stressed lately. Not because I’m doing a shitload of work, but rather because I don’t. I’m spending a lot of time looking at youtube videos, browsing the web for random stuff but I’m barely studying. And the exams are coming closer. I know i have to catch up on the contents and it stresses me out that I can’t get myself to really do anything. I’m always tired, even if I do get some sleep. One of the first things I think I should do is reduce my Youtube time. I may not always be actively watching (I have 3 screens, one pretty much for background Youtube), but I feel it keeps me from being productive.

Oh and I’m thinking of creating webcomic-like content for this blog. What do you think about that?