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four iron men

Bootleg Marvel LEGO Iron Men

Heyo guys!
I know it’s not friday anymore… sorry for that >___<

A while ago I showed you guys a cool bootleg Lego Grievous, remember? While I’d love to show you the rest of that figure set, it still hasn’t arrived yet (and probably never will).

So instead I will show you another cool set by XSZ, the company which also made the Lego Grievous: A set of four Iron Man figures!

four iron men

As you can probably see they are actually all the same, only differing in colour. The overall build quality is pretty good, with hardly any parts coming off easily (only the shoulder and chest armour sometimes) and no loose joints!

redfront bluefront silverfrontblackfront

None of the figures seem to be exact copys of any armour models, but rather inspired by them.
The red figure is obviously based on the classic red and gold themed armour, like for example Mark IV:

click the image to see the source site

sadly though the mask is not golden but silver… I contacted the seller (sorry I don’t remember if this was the actual original seller, but anyways you can buy it there if you want) but all I got was a refund (about a quarter of the total price).

click the image to see the source site

The blue figure is probably based on the Iron Patriot.
I think they did a good job designing it, but they could have used more red parts.

The silver one is probably based on Mark II, although the original armour has no decals whatsoever:

click the image to see the source site

My personal favourite, the black one, seems to be based on either the liquid or the modular armour, both of which did only appear in the comics:

The liquid armour. Click the image to see the source site.

Although the mask is silber instead of golden again, it doesn’t bother me as much since it’s also missing a lot of golden parts.

Now as you may have noticed when clicking the link to the seller site, the figures actually have (all the same) weaponry: An arm gun and a shoulder gun.

But in my opinion it’s A) quite boring if all of them have the same weaponry and B) looks better without any weapons, so I was happy to find out that the parts of the shoulder gun could be used to build the right arm identical to the left one!
Now the backside looks a little empty, but I don’t really mind as the usually sit on my shelf.

Now there’s still something I wanna show you about the head pieces:
First of all, yes. They are all silver. Pity. Also the blue and silver one’s paintjobs aren’t very good. While it doesn’t show that much on the silver head (silver on silver duh), there’s some eye colour on the mask and on its forehead the paint is a little chipped off.
But wait… what’s the colour underneath?

underredunderblueundersilver   underblack

Yep, apart from the red one, all of them are actually beige. Also, the ball joint part in the head is screwed in! Why would you do that?

Then of course there’s the manual, nicely printed for each figure (I only took pictures of the red one, because, you know. all the same.)
manualcover manualinside manualparts

All in all, if you can forgive the optical flaws, they are a very nice set to play with or put them in your shelf!

Thanks for being with me and sorry again for the late post. Have a good day!


I won some headphones!

Yay! Today I won some bluetooth headphones 😀
the headphones
It was a giveaway by on their facebook page.
So far I didn’t get a reply from them tho… I hope I’ll get one tomorrow.
I’ll review the headphones as soon as they arrive!

My Dream Phone… only not

I love hardware keyboards. Period. I have switched to pure touch smartphones simply because there is no good alternative running android and still rocking a hardware keyboard and decent specs.

Today on aliexpress I saw the phone of my dreams:


A small Android phone, running recent enough android, with a keyboard!
The downside: It’s barely got any RAM, ROM, a weak processor and a camera not worth mentioning. GOD DARN CHINA MAKE ONE OF THESE BUT IN GOOD!
Actually it seems to have the same hardware specs as a Chinaphone I recently got (which I will review in the future)… But for mine I paid about $25 while this one costs a whopping $85! For that price you could really expect some better specs.

Though I must admit that if I had that money I’d probably buy it just out of curiosity xD

Here’s the link to the phone:,201444_6,201409_3

PS: Yes, I know there’s a few Blackberry phones with good specs. Those are my last straws since I really prefer android (and by that I mean native android, not art which lets you run a lot of android apps on Blackberry OS)

PPS: If you ever see such a phone with nice specs, be sure to let me know!

LEGO Star Wars Bootleg General Grievous

Yesterday I finally got my first bootleg Lego Figure! It’s a pretty nifty one too:

Lego Grievous!

It’s an ultrabuild/constraction version of General Grievous from Star Wars! (please excuse my mess of a desk haha)

Now here’s a little twist: This isn’t a copy of a Lego product. There is no original Lego set to compare this to. Let me tell you a little background info about this:

Back in March, 2012, a fan posted a Lego Set on the Lego ideas website. On this site, fans can post sets they would like to see produced, and if it gets enough “likes” Lego looks into it and possibly produces the set. The set I’m speaking of is an ultrabuild/constraction series of Star Wars characters:

Lego ideas Set
the site is still up and running

You remember those action-figure-like Lego figures? One series covered a few Marvel heroes for example (Iron Man, the Hulk, Batman etc.) This set was based on that idea, but Star Wars themed. The set gained a huge amount of followers. No wonder, these things look awesome. But eventually Lego had to bear the bad news: They couldn’t produce the set due to copyright reasons (they claimed they had no licenses for Star Wars action figures, and this was too close to that).

Unfortunately due to our license, the LEGO Group is unable to produce Star Wars action figures, so we will not consider this project further. We’re sorry to be the bearers of this disappointing news.

The challenge with allowing IP-related projects on LEGO CUUSOO is that there is the potential of a license conflict, either with an existing license or with a competitive licensor. Still, it’s our view that it is better to be open and allow for possibilities, knowing there will be “no” answers along the way, than shut out the potential of IP-based products altogether.

Part of Lego’s statement

Let’s skip forward in time to the present. Did you hear? New Star Wars movie! Yay! Awesome! And there will be new Star Wars themed Lego. Among other sets these:
Lego Star Wars constraction
Lego Star Wars constraction/ultrabuild figures! Now where did I see those before?
All currently known figures on eurobricks forum
So far there is no mention of the Lego ideas Project… but who knows, maybe Lego will give some credit or kudos to the original idea when they officially release the set.
Speaking of the original idea:
Lately on Aliexpress, china Lego Star Wars constraction/ultrabuild figures were sold! Yes they are based on the original design.

Let’s have a comparison:
Lego ideas Grievous
The pre-rendered Grievous from the Lego ideas set

China Grievous
The pre-rendered china Grievous (link to the one I bought)

official Lego Grievous
The official Lego Grievous

You’ll notice how alike the china and original Grievous look (although the china one lacks Detail), while the Lego one got an overhaul and is much bigger and more badass BUT no cape which makes it less cool again.
The china Grievous was about $9, while the Lego one will supposedly cost about $45! (No final price afaik so likely to even rise)

Okay, enough pre-talk; let’s finally move on the the figure itself.

Since tariff offices in Germany don’t like bootlegs and copies of products (and a lot of other silly things… sigh) I ordered the figure without original packaging so it would be less likely to be picked for inspection (since its smaller in size that way). It arrived in this box:
a box

But when I opened up the box, I noticed there was printing inside. “Yay”, I thought, “they actually sent it in the original box!”. Well they sent it in a china lego box. So I turned it inside out and had this in my hands:
Lego Minecraft boxanother view on it

I mean, why not? lol

Now let’s see the figure in all its glory again:
It does lack some detail the original one had, but for a few bucks it’s pretty good. All the parts fit together nicely. If you buy it for you or your child to play with though, you should change some parts for original Lego technic.
The ball joints on my Grievous’ feet are a little loose. He doesn’t fall over, but the feet are too easily movable for playing with it like this.
red cross axle thing
The red cross-axle 2M parts are missing the little grooves that make them easier to pull out, so be careful when using them. I squashed some of them a little with pliers so they werent as loose as they originally were.

chest arms
When I started building him without manual (yes there is one), I first thought this was his chestpiece. Turns out it belongs on his arms to make for a super bulky grievous 😛 Since he’s so bulky he can’t move all that much, but I will probably put him on a shelf so that doesn’t bother me.

This is the actual chestpiece, with an additional bulky extra chest piece on top. Did I mention he looks bulky? Also it’s a little hard to see in the photo, but the bottom painted part has the wrong colour (too much yellowish). The upper part also is slightly different from the other beige parts, but not as much.

the head
In my opinion the paintwork on the head is really nice for chinaware. It’s not 100% accurate and he looks a little dull instead of angry, but not as dull as in the pre-render image (first time in history that a product looks better in real life than on the “photo” lol).

the neck
The cape on the neck is held in place by two ball joints. Actually the cape could technically fit a regular lego figure… Captain badass-cape incoming.

the cape
The cape is a little wrinkled-up, but I guess that will get better in time or with some careful ironing. It’s softer on one side, I made that one the outside as you are more likely to feel that one when holding him.

And finally, the manual and the extra parts:

extra parts
Nothing special here

manual cover
The manual has no logo at all. The quality is surprisingly good and the manual itself has no errors and also looks very nice. It even has a full parts list.
some manual pages
last two pages with parts list

I will definitely get the other figures of this series and give them a special place on my shelf.

Wow, this has been my longest post by far. Hope you enjoyed reading it! 🙂