Lack of Activity and why

Heya folks!

It’s been a long time yet again since my last blog post and I am sorry for that.
Currently real life is taking quite a toll on me so I don’t have a lot of time for any projects.
I did however start another instrument project: a combination of lute, ukulele and mandolin. I posted the project on but kind of forgot to post anything about it here 😦
The thread can be found here:
Later on I will also post the project here, but for now if you’re curious you’ll have to read the forum thread.

Back to real life. Up until now, since I started living alone I’ve embraced the chaos. Not having a shared flat lets you go past socially acceptable standards and I’ve done that. Due to some circumstances however I absolutely had to clean up the whole flat, and what do you know, being able to actually walk through your rooms and not just hop from spot to spot feels actually great! I did have to skip some university for this though, so catching up on that will take most of my project time in the coming days or weeks. After that though I should be able to be more productive in my tidy flat (actually by no means all cleaned up, but much much better than before)!

So stay tuned folks and have a great day!


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