The Pitar! #3: Hello Fretboard

Part of my daily routine after getting up is checking the postbox for anything (mostly china stuff). When I looked inside today, I found that my buttons had finally arrived!
Now I still need the resistors to actually start building the Pitar, but I couldn’t resist mounting the buttons on the nails that I had bought for that. It worked really well, but it turned out much smaller than I thought it would:


That are 24 frets (aka 6 buttons each)

Here’s my 15 fret ukulele for comparison:


Yes, I’ve picked up a uke! It’s so cool to play!

So the final Pitar isn’t gonna be much larger than an ukulele. I don’t really mind it that much because I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to the small size of the uke, but I don’t think a full-sized Gameboy will fit as a Head now. Maybe a Gameboy Pocket will be small enough… or one of those old McDonalds Gameboy Toys (I think I have one lying around somewhere). And if that doesn’t work out I can still do a custom Gameboy-shaped head or just go headless.

That’s all for this time folks! I’m gonna get back to this when the resistors arrive.


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