The Pitar! #2: Solo Mode and Button Mounting

I’ve been watching some electrical guitar solos and I noticed that players often just press down the strings to make tunes and don’t strum at all, much like playing a piano. I like that kind of playing, so I will mount a switch flip on the guitar for switching between solo mode and regular chords mode. I don’t know how it works on electrical guitars, but this should work well on my build.

Another thing I thought about is the mounting of the string buttons. Like I mentioned in my other post, most buttons including the strings will be mouse buttons. The ones I’m ordering have two holes of 2mm:

So what I will do is mounting them on 2mm nails which will be hammered through the side of the guitar neck.

It’ll be quite a while until the essential parts arrive, so further build updates won’t be very soon I’m afraid. But I’ll share any new idea or plan that come to my mind!

Feel free to tell me what you think đŸ™‚


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