four iron men

Bootleg Marvel LEGO Iron Men

Heyo guys!
I know it’s not friday anymore… sorry for that >___<

A while ago I showed you guys a cool bootleg Lego Grievous, remember? While I’d love to show you the rest of that figure set, it still hasn’t arrived yet (and probably never will).

So instead I will show you another cool set by XSZ, the company which also made the Lego Grievous: A set of four Iron Man figures!

four iron men

As you can probably see they are actually all the same, only differing in colour. The overall build quality is pretty good, with hardly any parts coming off easily (only the shoulder and chest armour sometimes) and no loose joints!

redfront bluefront silverfrontblackfront

None of the figures seem to be exact copys of any armour models, but rather inspired by them.
The red figure is obviously based on the classic red and gold themed armour, like for example Mark IV:

click the image to see the source site

sadly though the mask is not golden but silver… I contacted the seller (sorry I don’t remember if this was the actual original seller, but anyways you can buy it there if you want) but all I got was a refund (about a quarter of the total price).

click the image to see the source site

The blue figure is probably based on the Iron Patriot.
I think they did a good job designing it, but they could have used more red parts.

The silver one is probably based on Mark II, although the original armour has no decals whatsoever:

click the image to see the source site

My personal favourite, the black one, seems to be based on either the liquid or the modular armour, both of which did only appear in the comics:

The liquid armour. Click the image to see the source site.

Although the mask is silber instead of golden again, it doesn’t bother me as much since it’s also missing a lot of golden parts.

Now as you may have noticed when clicking the link to the seller site, the figures actually have (all the same) weaponry: An arm gun and a shoulder gun.

But in my opinion it’s A) quite boring if all of them have the same weaponry and B) looks better without any weapons, so I was happy to find out that the parts of the shoulder gun could be used to build the right arm identical to the left one!
Now the backside looks a little empty, but I don’t really mind as the usually sit on my shelf.

Now there’s still something I wanna show you about the head pieces:
First of all, yes. They are all silver. Pity. Also the blue and silver one’s paintjobs aren’t very good. While it doesn’t show that much on the silver head (silver on silver duh), there’s some eye colour on the mask and on its forehead the paint is a little chipped off.
But wait… what’s the colour underneath?

underredunderblueundersilver   underblack

Yep, apart from the red one, all of them are actually beige. Also, the ball joint part in the head is screwed in! Why would you do that?

Then of course there’s the manual, nicely printed for each figure (I only took pictures of the red one, because, you know. all the same.)
manualcover manualinside manualparts

All in all, if you can forgive the optical flaws, they are a very nice set to play with or put them in your shelf!

Thanks for being with me and sorry again for the late post. Have a good day!


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