NES Bluetooth Controllers 1: The Plan

Lately I’ve been showing a friend of mine great retro games which he never played or even heard of (he started gaming at a later point in time).

Currently we are playing the Gameboy Colour Zelda games, which are some of my most beloved games of all time!

Now here’s the thing: My friend has a very cool gaming setup: His Huge Flat TV is in his living room, with his computer hooked up to it via HDMI in the other room (the cable is VERY long and even goes through the wall). Also he’s got himself 4 ps3 controllers and a nice sofa. perfect setup, right? Well not for 8 bit games. What I’m still missing is better fitting controllers. Don’t get me wrong, the PS3 controllers are great, but for retro games they aren’t perfect. Playing with the analog stick feels weird to me, and playing with the Dpad hurts my thumb after a while. So what do we do?

Let’s get some good old NES controllers!

Originally I wanted to get cheap NES USB controllers from aliexpress, like these:

nes usb controller
click the picture to get to a shop on aliexpress

But then I thought… Look at those buttons. This is never going to be as good as an original controller, so what’s the point in getting them? Could as well use the PS3 controllers then.

So what I’ll do is get two original NES controllers, gut them and put inside bluetooth controllers.

So which bluetooth controllers will I use? Original PS3 controllers are too expensive to be gutted (I’m too cheap to do that) and also they have way more buttons than necessary.
Since a while those small keychain bluetooth controllers are being sold everywhere (online at least, do I look like I go outside?):

They are sold in china and in german online stores for under $5 and have enough buttons for old games. NICE!

So what I’ll do is order two of these, get two used NES controllers and fuse them together. Maybe I will add shoulder buttons for GBA games (the bluetooth gamepad should have enough buttons for that).


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