My Dream Phone… only not

I love hardware keyboards. Period. I have switched to pure touch smartphones simply because there is no good alternative running android and still rocking a hardware keyboard and decent specs.

Today on aliexpress I saw the phone of my dreams:


A small Android phone, running recent enough android, with a keyboard!
The downside: It’s barely got any RAM, ROM, a weak processor and a camera not worth mentioning. GOD DARN CHINA MAKE ONE OF THESE BUT IN GOOD!
Actually it seems to have the same hardware specs as a Chinaphone I recently got (which I will review in the future)… But for mine I paid about $25 while this one costs a whopping $85! For that price you could really expect some better specs.

Though I must admit that if I had that money I’d probably buy it just out of curiosity xD

Here’s the link to the phone:,201444_6,201409_3

PS: Yes, I know there’s a few Blackberry phones with good specs. Those are my last straws since I really prefer android (and by that I mean native android, not art which lets you run a lot of android apps on Blackberry OS)

PPS: If you ever see such a phone with nice specs, be sure to let me know!


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