What am I doing lately?

Hum. I’m currently trying to sort out a lot of the mess in my room because I really want to move out asap. Don’t get me wrong, living with my mother is nothing bad per se, but I want to stand on my own two legs, have time for myself and spend money on my own household.

Most likely I’ll get a small 1 or 2 room flat, just because it’s cheap and I don’t necessarily need a lot of space.

Studying…. huh. Lately I’ve been mostly neglecting that… I’ll probably have to opt out of a few exams. I mean it’s great that I even have that option, but that also means I’ll have to fully pay my later extra semesters. So I better save up for that.

Also, as I always order chinaware, I’ll start a review section the time the next thing arrives.


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