why, gml?

so apparently there is no nice way of commenting .ini files for game maker studio.

# and ; do work and give no errors when readign or writing from the .ini file, but after the .ini is changed by the game all comments are gone.


so that means instead of commenting ill have to use unused tags that have no function other than to make it a little clearer what which section represents.

eg name=walking would mean this is a walking frame, but the tag itsself is never used.


3 thoughts on “why, gml?

  1. bashscrazy

    WOW. you made 2 posts the day you registered your blog and you haven’t updated since.


  2. A-Man

    I am writing in hope this post will motivate you to continue working on this :D. Because you must!
    In addition to the “name=” tag, a “remark=” or “rem=” tag would be useful too.

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